Zep Tepi

Magician/ Hoo Doo master

Greetings, I would like to introduce myself my name is Zep Tepi , Zep meaning first and Tepi means Time together it means the first time or Genesis. As a child I always realized that there was something different about me from my siblings and everybody else except for my mom. I've been astral projecting since the age of five. I can see events before they happen especially when something bad is coming. I also learned magic at a young age from my grandmother's spellbooks. I have always lived in haunted houses. Does having experience with the dead and other spirits. When I got older I joined a secret society it was there that I learned Alchemy I am a certified licensed Master Alchemist. It was also there that I learned about the Dark Arts aka Left Hand Path. I had learned about Goetia and Necromany I have practice both of those practically everyday except for days if I was sick or I had something else to do. I also have knowledge in many many herbs whether that be for health or Magic. After I graduated from Alchemy it was then that I started to learn and practice Hoodoo everyday and some Voodoo. Besides my teachers I also have had my spirit guide and teach me a lot of knowledge came from my ancestors and my spirits. I've been helping people for many many years in different areas whether that be Love, Finances, getting a job, Destruction on a business place or a person that has caused you harm.

I have been doing this path for many many years and I know what I can bring to the table.

I am very honored to be able to serve you! Blessings and Love

Contact Zep Tepi at:

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