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Spell casting services are just $240.00 per spell and i except paypal so email me with your needs/desires and i will cast my powerful magick for you.

Please include the pictures of any people or places and names of people in each photo as these will be used to cast the desired spell for your needs.

Communicating with spirits course - $800

This is Ravensthrown Hellwinds offering you high quality spirit communicating lessons.

This course is taught by me personally via skype .

What's covered in this course is the ability to see and hear spirits, dead loved ones, dead pets, demons, Angels, fairies and all the other spirits you wish to communicate within the spirit realm.

You will learn how to conduct a seance for fun or profit, how to create sigils to summon spirits, how to then summon spirits for any reason you may have, how to banish and protect yourself from harmful spirits, and lastly, how to bind spirits to people jewelry or places.

This is a vary powerful course designed to really get your magical path off to a Great start for those wanting to learn magick.

The price for this course is $800.00

I accept paypal or money order if you live in the United States.

Those who live outside the US can pay by paypal.

For those interested email me at:


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